Downtown St. Joe Scavenger Hunt For Charity

Complete the scavenger hunt and we will enter you into a drawing to give $100 to your favorite charity!

Starts Wednesday, April 15th and runs through Wednesday, April 22nd. We will pull winners and announce on our Facebook Page (www.facebook/LISTwithLARS) at noon on Thursday, April 23rd.

What do I do?

Find each location in St. Joseph, snap a picture of yourself in the correct spot and tag #ThePetzkeTeam on facebook when you post the image.  With each photo you post, please put the name of the local charity that means the most to you.  Please list the same charity on each photo you post. 

One entry per family please. 

When the Scavenger Hunt ends, we will randomly select 1 winner who has correctly identified and tagged all 10 locations and then donate $100 to their favorite local charity.  We will choose 1 random winner for every 10 entries who correctly locate and tag the complete list, up to 10 winners.  Help us donate $1,000 to local charities, schools, hospitals, etc. during this difficult time.  We just need 100 people to complete the fun and post your entries.  Please maintain appropriate social distancing, do not disobey the "Stay Home, Stay Safe" order and do not undertake this hunt in groups outside of your immediate family. 

You should be able to walk to each location in Downtown St. Joe and the scavenger hunt involves no touching, gathering or unsafe practices.

Hunt Spot Clues:

1.        I’m great for hitting back and forth, but my nets don’t block those winds from the north.  I’m used in the summer, the spring and the fall, but with school canceled I have no bright, bouncing balls.

2.        I have 3 kids diamonds of dirt and grass.  I’m next to an old school of condos that you can walk past.

3.        I have stained glass windows and a turf playground.  I’m covered in red bricks all around.  I have big parking lots on two of my sides, Monday through Friday K through 8 are welcomed inside.

4.        Barks and yelps are heard from within.  Half pipes are here, so are two rusty rims.  I’m currently closed, so stay off of my toys.  No hitting softballs either, you girls and you boys.

5.        I’m not the sea, but definitely a shell.  In the summer I often have a popcorny smell.  Some notes are high and some notes are low.  It’s harder to hear me if the boats toot below.

6.        My roof is alive as you can see from above.  My insides are filled up with learning, laughter, history and love.

7.        I have pages and pages and pages galore.  Check me out if you want to learn more.

8.        My water is off, but I still point the way.  You cannot hold me for direction, but on me you’ll play.  My cannons are silent but fill tiny children with fear.  I’m open in the warmest months of the year.

9.        Gold or bronze I am not.  People flock to me when it gets hot.

10.    I’m mostly shady and surrounded by trees.  I’m only friendly to pedestrians please.  When you come to my south end the choices are two.  Walk up the ramp or jump into the blue.

Don't forget to take a photo, post on facebook with your favorite charity and #ThePetzkeTeam